Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I Am Obsessed With...


Daily Prayer is often suggested to all those looking to deepen their faith and their relationship with God, especially during Lent.

I recently attended a Knights of Columbus meeting (in hopes of starting up a Ladies Auxiliary) and this website was given to the Knights as something interesting to do for Lent. I decided to check it out and I also think its a great idea for a good habit. It's great to listen to on your iPod, especially on the long journey to the cafeteria - which at Spring Hill College has been moved to the farthest reaches of the campus - or on any morning walk to class or breakfast (or Daily Mass!). It's about ten minutes and it's FREE.

I'm also obsessed with all the links at the bottom of the home page, especially to Taize - one of my FAVORITES IN THE WORLD.

If you have never experienced a Taize prayer service, find one as quickly as you can. I have been present for two - one lasted three hours, the other was cut short at only one - but the time really does fly by. The music is truly beautiful.

It's something we should all become obsessed with.

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