Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Joseph - Patron of Fathers

Last summer was not a good summer for me. Suffering from a long, hard breakup, I was in desperate need for help. That's when a friend invited me on a retreat down in the bayous of South Louisiana - waaay down in those bayous. I love retreats, they have always made me feel better. For some reason, however, I wasn't feeling this particular retreat. I wasn't that excited to go down into the swamps in the middle of a hot, Louisiana June - a time filled with love bugs and dense humidity. 

Thank goodness I sucked it up.

It wasn't my usual retreat. I'm not much for guitars and speaking in tongues and all that jazz. I'm much more inclined to spend my time quietly in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I love retreats that let me do that for at least three hours one day - especially with music from Taize

But, even with all the people fainting and speaking in tongues and acting...well somewhat Protestant - something very Catholic happened. I decided to refrain from the dancing and waving involved in that praise and worship section and spent my time kneeling on the hard, cyprus wooden floors of that little cabin in the bayou.

That's when I talked with St. Joseph.

We had a nice conversation. I asked for his intercession - help me find a nice boy, please, no rush, just a nice boy for once, but take your time, don't give me just anyone, intercede for me, help me be more like your wife...

I was told to go out and buy a St. Joseph statue and carry it around with me. This would serve as my reminder of St. Joseph's promised intercession. 

He helps me be more like Mary, so that I, too, can find my St. Joseph.

He's the single-ladies best friend, and a coupled-ladies constant watcher. As the Patron Saint of Fathers, St. Joseph is not only looking out for the men in our lives that would become fathers - no, he is also looking out for all the women looking to find the right one for their family.

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