Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today I Am Obsessed With...

In case anyone was wondering, no, I do not have any children. (unless you count Ferdinand the Fetal Development Figure, lovingly referred to as Ferdi the Fetus)

{12 weeks}

But I do have 15 Angels that I teach every Sunday that I often refer to as "my kids."

I stumbled upon this website while I was looking for games and worksheets for the substitute I need to get this weekend. Paw-Paw is turning 83, so I need to be back in New Orleans. Sadly, I am missing week one's lesson on the Mass and the Eucharist - my favorite topic! I used to teach 2nd graders over in Louisiana and the course focused mainly on Penance and Holy Eucharist because my kids were at that age to recieve those Sacraments for the first time. After teaching it for five years, I have really grown to love the Eucharist and understand it more deeply. (2nd graders always had a lot of questions, I did A LOT of reading and research to prepare for those lessons!)

Anyways, I found that it not only had great worksheets, games, and lesson plans, but also had a lot of great women blogging on the site. I read through a lot of their posts and I have to say one of my favorites is Sherry Antonetti, mostly for all of her writings about the pro-life life. I know, it's quite shocking that I was immediately drawn the the pro-life Apologist! Hah.

I would definitely recommend this site for any homeschoolers or CCD teachers.

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