Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Catholic, Homeschooling, Pregnant-With-Number-Seven, Cousin is Very Smart

Recently I have been trying to find some class project that I can do during the season of Lent with my 5th Graders - something that will get their minds toward service, sacrifice, and stewardship. 

I came up with a few ideas:

- Crisis Pregnancy Center Supply Drive
- Easter Crosses
- Prayer Pals

But I was reading Amy's blog and saw what a great idea she had for her kids during Lent:

- Sacrifice Eggs

You can read about the idea here.

I think it's a great class project, particularly because of the time crunch I am in currently trying to fit in the rest of the Sacraments before CCD ends! It's something we can do at the beginning of each class that would not take up too much time, but allows for loads of discussion when we open our eggs after Easter!

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