Friday, February 13, 2009

Babies Having Babies

It's been a problem for years - children having children. Recently, a young British couple is widening our understanding of this phenomena. 13 year old Alfie Patten recently told reporters that he is the father of a newborn baby, Maisie. His girlfriend is 15 and they got pregnant after having sex only one time. 

Although the situation is both disturbing and very serious, it's also important to realize how brave these young parents were. Obviously, 13 year olds (and 15 year olds) should not be having children, but the fact remains that they have. The brave part of this whole story is their decision not to schedule an abortion. They decided to give their child a chance at life, no matter how difficult it may be for the parents or grandparents. Alfie certainly seems like a proud father, he "wanted to be the first to hold Maisie...he tenderly kisses the baby and gives her a bottle." {source}

Alfie could have avoided a lot of attention and disapproval if he had convinced his girlfriend to "take care of it." But Alfie is a brave little boy. Sadly, he probably doesn't understand much about the magnitude of fatherhood - but he is willing to work on it. 

Alfie and Chantelle's decision for life reminds me of Jesus' words:

"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Mt 19:14

Sure, the Catholic Church and I do not agree with the situation Alfie and Chantelle have put themselves in. Obviously the "free sex" culture has done them wrong. It is a shame these children weren't taught about the sanctity of sex and love. However, their extraordinarily pro-life decision sits perfectly all right with me. I hope that they consider some form of open adoption as they deal with this sudden thrust into adulthood.  

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