Friday, February 6, 2009

Canon Law Rules!

What do John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi have in common?

Many, many things.

First of all they are all Democrats, which is not a sin (yet), and they all support pro-choice and pro-abortion policies. And another thing, they are all Catholic.

According to Archbishop Raymond Burke, there is yet another thing that have in common:

They are all breaking Canon Law by recieving the Eucharist. has the entire story and an exclusive interview with Archbishop Burke.

His comments bring a lot of light onto the "contraversial" subject of denying certain people the Eucharist. Seeing as it is an absolute Canon Law, I have no problem with it. These politicians are not only harming themselves with this sacrilege, but they are also sending a message to American Catholics that it is ok to be pro-choice and a good Catholic. Sorry guys, but that just isn't the case. The popular bumpersticker has it right: you CAN'T be pro-choice AND Catholic.

Pick one.

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