Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Abortion and Racism

My mother likes Tea Parties (yes, with capitals). She considers herself a Patriot launching the next American Revolution - and she is doing it with the help of the New Orleans Tea Party. I am sure you have heard of the Tea Party people before, so I won't go into details about Glenn Beck, 912 Project, the Constitution, or any of that stuff.

So this Memorial Day, my mother's Tea Party is organizing a patriotic picnic, complete was a tribute to the Vets at 2:00. Guess who gets their own little booth at the picnic? And guess what it's going to be about?

I am running the booth about Abortion, covering topics ranging from racism to 14th Amendment. I just finished putting together my pamphlet (of which I hope to have 300 copies of by Sunday) about Planned Parenthood's connections with racism.

You can view the document here, but I do think you need an Adobe account. I am working on uploading the file into Blogger, but I am really not a computer savvy person.

I should be finished with the Constitutional pamphlets by tomorrow and will also provide links for those.

Wish me luck, this is a lot of work (hence the lack of blog posts recently).

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