Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Conspiracy Channel

I have a love/hate relationship with  the History Channel. 

Today, it was about 1hr 56min. of hate and 4 mins. of love because that's how it long it took them to say something nice about the Catholic Church in their special on Angels & Demons.

The hypothesis (if I may call it that) of the 2hr special states, "the Catholic Church and the scientific world are at war." Already I am less than a happy camper. My immediate reaction was,

"Where are they getting this? Has anyone from the History Channel actually studied history, specifically the story of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Medieval Synthesis? Anyone? Come on!!"

It being the History Channel, I was sure the answer was no -

 - at least for the first hour and fifty-six minutes of the program. 

Finally, a Catholic priest was given the chance to correct a few points and reference the work of one of my favorite saints, Saint Thomas Aquinas. The "Dumb Ox," as he was lovingly called by his classmates, articulated what came to be known as the Medieval Synthesis. Specifically, he stated that both faith and reason came as gifts from God and could not be contradictory. In fact, human reason is a form of revelation that comes from God. If one could not reconcile a principle of faith and a valid, logical conclusion, then one is simply not looking hard enough or one has not looked at the right question or angle. 

It is this concept that has become so utterly lost on modern society and a source of great pain for my former history professor, Father Borbridge S.J. Frankly, it's becoming one of my major pet peeves in addition to ridiculous juxtaposition:

That is a monstrance. That is the Hadron Collider.
Yeah...they went there. 

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  1. I'm watching it right now and it's pretty bad. Most of the special is based in shadow injector and it ticks me off that the Catholic Church only gets like one advocate in the entire special where the "other" side gets numerous.