Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Honoring our Mother in Heaven

Since the beginning of the month of May, I have been going to the May Crownings of the various churches I attend - one in Alabama and one in Louisiana.

On May 3rd, to celebrate the close of CCD, the children from all the grades came together to honor Mary at my parish in Alabama.

St. Ignatius Parish
Mobile, Alabama

Unfortunately, it being CCD, few children showed up for the final class time and the ones that did forgot about the May Crowning. Some did come with their families and brought flowers from their gardens, which was very nice. I was disappointed that they didn't play my favorite Mary song, Bring Flowers of the Rarest, and opted for some weird "modern and charismatic" song. Ick. I never liked guitars.

Coming home from college and moving back into my New Orleans home, I was really glad that my home parish saved the Crowning for Mother's Day - which I thought was very appropriate. The cantor had laryngitis and so, once again, I was without my favorite hymn. *sigh*

But the altar was very nice.

St. Anthony Mission/St. Joseph Parish
Gretna, Louisiana

I think I enjoy the inside Crownings more, especially because they occurred within the context of a Mass.

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