Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today I Am Obsessed With...

As a teacher of the Catechism, I love any extraordinary information that helps me under the CCC more fully. This website is a shining example of that. 

I really enjoyed reading their article, 12 Claims Every Catholic Should be Able to Answer, mostly because I am in (a Jesuit) college and these claims come up in one form or another every single day. Especially because of the election earlier this year, it was very common for me to run into pro-choice "Catholics" and even some pro-life Catholics who were compelled to vote for Obama because of his false promises of "abortion reduction." I cannot count how many times I was the lone Catholic defending the teachings of the Church, not because I was the only one that believed in them, but because I was the only one able to explain them. 

I would love for more Catholics to understand their faith and be able to defend it. Maybe if there were more of us, less Catholics would fall into sin and heresy because of the "culture of moral  relativity" we live in.

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