Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wiggling Away

Obama vs. the Vatican: Fight to the Death (or for the death...of the unborn)

Prison rules apply.

In one of his first acts as President, Obama has done something Martin Luther would gravely warn against: tick off the Pope.

"I don't think President Obama is looking for a fight but I think he's certainly going to get one as he wiggles away from issues that are very important to the church," said the Very Rev. David O'Connell, president of the Catholic University of America. {source}

Does this statement make anyone else picture our wonderful new president somewhat like the snake in the Garden of Eden....wiggling away...?

"I'm sure for many Catholics who supported Obama because they believed in his words to do everything he could to reduce abortions, this comes as a disappointment, and even a betrayal to some," he said

Thanks, FoxNews, also for this epic juxtaposition:

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